Scientific Program

Tentative Program:

Scientific Program (pdf)

The scientific program is divided into eight sessions:

1. Baryonic physics or a more complex dark sector required to solve the CDM “small-scale crisis”?

2. What is, and what is not understood about the time, timescale, sources and physics of reionization?

3. What regulates the metabolism of star-forming galaxies through cosmic time?

4. Do the physics of star formation and metal enrichment evolve with cosmic epoch?

5. How and when do MBHs assemble and grow, and do they do so congruously with the stellar mass in galaxies?

6. Do galaxy structural bimodality and quenching arise from the timing and physics of cosmological structure formation, or from baryonic physics, and do MBHs play any special role?

7. Are disks, bulges, and stellar halos really physically distinct components which form through different processes (how?) and at different epochs (when?)?

8. Which specific “environment” has a role at each epoch in driving galaxy formation and evolution, and how?